What is my salary?

Deploy a robotic worker from 1699 EUR / month

It’s time to save

Why it pays to hire a robot worker

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Hire a Spinbot
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Hire a worker
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Automation with an industrial robot
Number of shifts
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The number of tasks performed in one shift
Training / Length of integration
Depending on the complexity, from 3 days
3 months
Depending on the complexity, from 2 weeks
Adaptability to tasks
Modular - unlimited flexibility
Fixed on 1 - 8 axes
Cloud based predictive maintenance
25+ days vacation
In agreement with the integrator
24/7 remote support
Technical solution and documentation
Not included
Implementation and training
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3 month training period
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Energy cost
More than 38% savings thanks to recuperation
100% cost
Resetting the system to a new role
No additional fees
The need for training
The need for a new automation solution
Input costs
Fixed monthly payments or low credit
Costs associated with hiring
High loans, insurance and depreciation
from EUR 1,699 / month / NET
from EUR 2,000 / month / NET
It depends on the complexity of the solution and the service contract with the integrator

You decide what suits you

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What does it include

8/5 online support

Initial programming

Free updates included in the price

1 inspection in 6 months

and many more…

Benefit of purchase

  • The robot is your property
  • You can choose the support package that suits you
  • Includes effector and integration costs
  • Includes CE safety concept


What does it include

24/7 training and support

Complete installation and commissioning

Exchange of 3 modules / year

1 inspection per month

Multiple tasks on one Spinbot

Subscription benefits

  • No initial investment
  • No depreciation costs
  • Easy cost planning
  • Continuous status monitoring
  • Support and troubleshooting
  • Includes safety concept and CE
  • Contains the highest support package
  • Includes effector cost
  • No need to buy new HW

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