My name is Spinbot. Nice to meet you.

I adjust exactly to your needs

Unique, flexible, modular – why should you consider hiring me

I adjust exactly to your needs

Unique, flexible, modular – why should you consider hiring me


I can be configured to meet your specific needs, allowing you to add or remove my modules to suit different tasks and environments.
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You can easily scale me up or down by adding or removing modules based on the complexity and requirements of your application.
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Flexibility and adaptability

My ability to reconfigure for different tasks enhances my versatility, making me suitable for a wide range of applications from simple to complex.
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By using only the necessary modules for a particular task, you can save on costs associated with purchasing and maintaining more complex robotic systems.
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Future proof

You can upgrade or modify me with new modules as technology advances, ensuring that I remain up-to-date and capable of handling future tasks.
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Easy maintenance

Thanks to my full health insurance you can count on my perfect health all the time. If one of my parts break you can just swap module for module.
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Space efficiency

I can be designed to fit within the spatial constraints of various environments, freeing up valuable space for other uses.
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I have endless experience in

My modules

You can build me the way you want and need


Tool conector

Angle conector

Straight conector

Drive unit



Intuitive software

Combine up to 22 modules

Number of axes from 1 – 8

Reach up to 1500 mm

Load capacity max. 15 kg

Speed ​​max. 2 m/s (TCP)

Unlimited rotations in each axis

16 digital inputs and outputs

Intuitive SW and GUI

IP classification 67

Repeatability 0.1 mm

Easy, fast and without problems

Configure me in a digital environment and deploy me in less than 26 minutes

Complete integration in digital environment

  • Own intuitive software
  • No code development
  • Interactive setup
  • Setup of digital twin
  • No need for any prior robotics knowledge

Plug n’ play

  • Integration by uploading a ready-made digital solution
  • With modules, you can prepare a worker according to your own needs
  • So simple that anyone can handle the integration
  • Collaborativeness = no interventions in existing processes

Stay on Cloud 9 all the time

  • 24/7 support
  • Continuous monitoring of functionality via the cloud
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Changing module for module = no downtime in production