No miracles, just innovation


Our mission is to pioneer solutions for the global labor deficit by implementing cutting-edge modular robotics and effortlessly operable software. We aim to be the bridge for businesses navigating workforce challenges, fostering an environment where technology and human ingenuity work hand in hand to unlock new opportunities for growth and productivity.


Our vision is to foster an environment where individuals are given the means to unlock their full potential, facilitating meaningful task engagement and growth beyond conventional borders, ensuring that every moment is an opportunity for personal and professional development.


Meet the founders

Peter Tkáč
CEO / Founder

Milan Tkáčik

Our values

Company = Team

Team work turns our dreams into reality. If you are playing for yourself, please don’t apply.

Problem does not exist

There are always 100 solutions to 100 problems. Do you want to search for solutions with us?

Open mind

We always look beyond the possibilities. Are you the same and want to realize yourself? Looking forward to see you.

No Egos

Are you an egocentric person? Try your luck somewhere else. We wish you all the best.

Customer first

We all take care of the details. Even a small mistake will cause huge problems for the customer. Therefore we try to be ready for them.

Age is just a number

Age doesn’t matter to us. If you want to be with us at the birth of real modular automation, please apply.

I’m a Spinbot – a member of the Spinbotics team